I love my TC Charton glasses! Eye and sunglass shopping has always been quite a frustrating ordeal for me. Like so many Asians, eyewear almost always sits on my cheeks creating inevitable indentations in my face. TC Charton is the only line in which all the glasses fit me perfectly. I always said that there needs to be an eyewear line specifically for the Asian market. I'm thrilled that there is one now.
Lisa Ling, Journalist, Los Angeles, CA
I truly loved what I received… the quality is top-notch, the designs are beautiful and best of all - they fit perfectly.
Lynn Chen, Actress, Las Angeles, CA
I have an especially low bridge and was very frustrated with wearing glasses… I decided to consult with Alexandra Peng, who suggested some frames which had higher nose pads. I am currently wearing the Vanessa and Linette and they stay on my face! I am so happy!
ahb1347, Customer, Grand Junction, CO
We love the styles and the bridge choices they offer to our patients because NO ONE is one-size-fits-all!
Ruth Domber, Optometrist, NYC
The fit is great and very comfortable. My lashes don't touch the backside of the lenses nor do my cheeks touch the bottom of the frames. Finally, I am able to wear sunglasses that sit comfortably on my face.
Dr. Bulos, Ophthalmologist, Ypsilanti, Michigan

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